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Bingo Stars

Those who are looking for a new game to play which is a little different from the normal may wish to try out the bingo stars game, which can be found online and offers you the chance to access a range of different levels and themes in order to get the entertainment that you are after. This is generally quite a highly rated game, with most players voting it to four or five stars out of five, so you can be sure that it will be worth a look in if you want to try something new and exciting.

You will find that the bingo stars games are not quite like any online bingo you have come across before, as rather than being straight bingo they actually represent a mixture between virtual scratch cards and bingo to give you two games wrapped up in one package. Of course, if you want to know what the difference is then we may have to tell you a little bit about online bingo itself first – the kind of games that you might find on sites like Diamond Bingo, which is in fact a fantastic example if you want to go and have a look for yourself and see what the games entail. Over at Diamond Bingo you will find several different types of online bingo, but the general thread that connects them all is the fact that you have to win them all in the same way. You start off with a bingo card which is full of numbers, and when they are called out one by one you can cross them off to get on the way to winning. The winner is the person who crosses off the right numbers on their card first, and you will always be told what pattern you need to cross off before the game begins so that you know exactly what your aim is. Bingo stars is a little bit different to this, as you will soon see.

The way that it works is that you choose the particular game that you want to play – examples of those that are on offer include Wishing Well, Hello Kitty!, Detective, Honey Bee, Giant Diamond, and Hidden Treasure – and then you play bingo just as you normally would, trying to be the first to cross off the right numbers in order to win the prize. Once the game is finished, however, whether you have won or lost, you can turn your bingo card over and find a scratch card on the back! Here you can play the instant win game to find out if you have managed to get a bingo bonus on your win, in an attempt to gain more than all of the other players in the game. You win tokens when you get a victory either in the bingo games or on the scratch cards, and the goal is to make sure that you get more tokens that anyone else in order to win overall. If you upgrade to a VIP account, you will also get the chance to win extra cards so that you can carry on playing for longer without having to buy them yourself – and you can see your progress on the left hand side of the page, where a leader board shows you who the top twenty players are and how many tokens they have so that you can try and compete with them, as well as a timer which ticks down above this leader board to tell you how long you have to get your name up there.

On the right hand side of the bingo stars interface you will see the Star Jackpot metre, which tells you how much you could win, and there is also an Extra Game and rewards metre which shows you how far up the ladder you are towards winning some great extra goodies. You will have six bingo games to start off with, each of which has just six numbers on them, and you need to fill the cards up before you are able to turn them over and scratch them off. Some of the upgraded cards which are more fancy and are aimed at VIP players will give you a more exciting game to play, such as a dice game or a different kind of mini game, and you will see some hint of this on the front of the card and in its title. When you fill the card and finish the mini game, you will receive a new card to replace it; there are also ten rounds to the game, and during each round you are given six numbers to fill up your bingo cards with. The idea is to use strategy to think carefully about which bingo cards you should fill, so that you can get the most tokens from them and therefore get the best chance of winning the overall game. Each number can only be used once, so if you have more than one card with the same numbers on you will need to be careful! You can use the way that the cards look to find out more about them, as they have certain signifiers which indicate what they are worth: for example, gold edges on the cards indicate that they are only available for the VIP members.

Something which will be important for you to remember while you are playing bingo stars is that you will be able to find some cards which have a red edge covered in gold and silver dots, and if you see one of these you should absolutely go for it and try to fill it up as these give you twice the amount of tokens as normal cards. You get five tokens every time you mark a number on a bingo card; you will then receive a prize of how many numbers there were on the card multiplied by five when you fill it up; and when you finish the game on the back of the card, you will receive a prize between twenty five and two hundred tokens depending on how well the game was played or how lucky you were. The tokens are added to the score board on a continual basis rather than at the end of every game, so you may well find that your score does not seem to go up as much as you would expect after finishing a card because some of the points were already added to the board!

You will find that there are ways to get extra games and points in bingo stars, too: if you use all of the numbers during one round, one of the Extra Game bonuses is filled in and you start to climb up that ladder to get more points. You also get the Star Jackpot if you win more than three thousand tokens in one single game, which is a great aim to go for! There are more than forty different bingo cards for you to encounter, so this will allow you to really enjoy yourself while you are playing the games.

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